OpenAI's launch of the GPT Store and new services has attracted market attention.

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On January 10, local time, OpenAI officially launched the GPT Store and ChatGPT Team services. The GPT Store is equivalent to an OpenAI version of the app store, allowing users to list their own personalized chatbots or GPTs for others to download, available to paid users first. ChatGPT Team is a new option for enterprise users, suitable for companies with fewer than 150 people.

The GPT Store and ChatGPT Team are the first new products released by OpenAI since the senior management turmoil last November. At the first global developer conference held last November, OpenAI first announced the plan for the GPT Store, which was originally expected to be launched in the same month, but was finally delayed by two months. OpenAI stated that in the two months after the announcement, community members have built more than 30 million custom GPTs, and the company has approved some of them to enter the GPT Store, which can be freely downloaded. The GPT Store also includes a community ranking that displays popular downloads, and users can search by category, such as writing, lifestyle, and education.

OpenAI stated that it will soon launch the GPT Creator Income Program, paying royalties to GPT creators in the United States based on the level of user engagement, but OpenAI has not yet disclosed the specific details of the program. Regarding the review issue, OpenAI stated that before the official launch of the GPT Store, the company had established a new review system to ensure that the custom GPTs in the store comply with its brand guidelines and usage policies. At the same time, they also updated the methods for users to report harmful or unsafe GPTs.

ChatGPT Team is a "lightweight" supplementary solution for the ChatGPT enterprise version, providing access to GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and OpenAI's advanced data analytics features, as well as data control. The annual fee is $25 per person per month, or $30 per person per month for monthly subscription.

Last August, OpenAI announced the launch of the ChatGPT enterprise version, providing enterprise-level security and privacy and being supported by GPT-4. The price is not publicly available. As one of the most popular companies in the tech industry, OpenAI is facing strong competition from rivals such as Anthropic, Google, and Meta. To maintain its leading position in the AI race, OpenAI is striving to keep up with the competition. According to data released by OpenAI at the November发布会, the number of weekly active users of ChatGPT has reached 100 million, and 92% of Fortune 500 companies are using OpenAI's products to build services.

Foreign media analysts believe that ChatGPT Team and the GPT Store will become new sources of income for OpenAI, especially the GPT Store, which will unlock more potential use cases for ChatGPT and expand OpenAI's ecosystem beyond the scope of the company's services for customers.

Recently, OpenAI is facing an infringement accusation from The New York Times together with its largest shareholder and partner Microsoft. On Monday, OpenAI released a statement on its official website for the first time in response to the lawsuit filed by The New York Times, stating that using publicly available internet materials to train AI models is reasonable, and that The New York Times did not tell the whole story and its lawsuit is unfounded.