Chuangling Technology Assists the Successful Launch of the Handiao Erhuang Theater Website

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       Recently, the Han Diao Er Huang Theater website, hosted by the Han Diao Er Huang Theater and technically supported by InnovateSoul Technology, was officially launched. This move not only marks the active transformation of the Ankang Han Diao Er Huang Research Institute in the digital era, but also provides a more convenient and comprehensive platform for the general public to understand and appreciate the art of Han Diao Er Huang.


       The Ankang Han Diao Er Huang Research Institute, formerly known as the Ankang Han Opera Troupe established in 1950, is a public welfare unit directly under the Hanbin District Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, and Television in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province. Its main business revolves around the inheritance, protection, and development of the intangible cultural heritage drama of Han Diao Er Huang. With strong artistic strength and complete staffing, the institute boasts actor teams, orchestras, stage beauty teams, business offices, research rooms, administrative offices, and other institutions, along with the Hanshui Cultural Performing Arts Center as its subordinate unit. Currently, the institute has 62 full-time performing staff members and 61 members from the Performing Arts Center, delivering nearly 100 performances annually, deeply loved by the audience.


       After more than 70 years of development and accumulation, renowned artists of Han Diao Er Huang have gathered here. The institute has created and staged over a thousand traditional plays and numerous sketches and operas. Among them, plays such as "The Anecdotes of Banqiao Bridge," "The Legend of Mad Ma," and "The Mayor of Pipa Village" have won numerous awards at various Shaanxi Provincial Art Festivals, not only showcasing the unique charm of Han Diao Er Huang art but also gaining widespread praise for the institute.


       In recent years, under the support of the city and district governments and the leadership of the competent authorities, the institute has adhered to the principle of "promoting traditional culture and upholding integrity and innovation." It has introduced a series of classic plays representative of Han Diao Er Huang, such as "The Story of the Wall," "The Women of Yang's Door," and "Five Daughters Celebrate Longevity." These plays are not only deeply loved by the audience but have also been featured at various national Han Opera Art Festivals and broadcast on CCTV's Air Theater. At the same time, the institute also plays an important role as the cultural window of Ankang City and Hanbin District, serving as the main force in various performance activities and making positive contributions to promoting Han Diao Er Huang art and cultural exchanges.


       The launch of the Han Diao Er Huang Theater website developed by InnovateSoul Technology will inject new vitality into the development of the institute. With rich content and comprehensive functions, the website not only showcases the institute's historical evolution, artistic achievements, and performance activities but also provides convenient services such as online ticket purchases and performance information inquiries. Through the website, audiences can stay updated on the latest developments in Han Diao Er Huang art and experience the unique charm of this intangible cultural heritage drama.


       As a professional technical service provider, InnovateSoul Technology, with its rich experience and outstanding strength in website construction, has provided strong support for the successful launch of the Han Diao Er Huang Theater website. In the future, InnovateSoul Technology will continue to closely collaborate with the Ankang Han Diao Er Huang Research Institute to jointly promote the inheritance, protection, and development of Han Diao Er Huang art, making greater contributions to promoting Chinese traditional culture and cultural prosperity.