The official website of Shaanxi Chengluo Brand Marketing Planning Company has been successfully launched, marking the company's digital upgrade

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Recently, the official website of Shaanxi Chengluo Brand Marketing Planning and Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengluo") has been successfully launched under the elaborate development of Chongling Technology. This milestone development not only demonstrates Chengluo's determination and strength in the field of digital marketing, but also lays a solid foundation for its future development.


I. Introduction to Shaanxi Chengluo Brand Marketing Planning and Management Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2022 with a registered capital of 5 million, Shaanxi Chengluo Brand Marketing Planning and Management Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core values of "honesty, trustworthiness, and implementation" since its inception. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and professional brand marketing planning services. After several years of unremitting efforts and profound accumulation, Chengluo has become a leader in the media industry in Shaanxi, standing in the ancient capital of Xi'an, radiating the Central Plains, and looking forward to China.


II. Coverage of Design Services


Chengluo's design services cover a wide range, including graphic poster design, material design, PPT design, H5 design, WeChat public account design + operation, video editing, copywriting planning, and WeChat emoji design and production. Whether it is traditional print media or emerging digital media, Chengluo can provide customers with customized solutions to meet their diverse needs.


III. Overview of the Official Website


Chengluo's new official website is characterized by a concise and elegant design style, a clear and concise layout structure, and rich content display. Through precise positioning and creative design, the website fully showcases Chengluo's professional ability and rich experience in brand marketing planning. At the same time, the website also provides users with convenient access to industry information, case sharing, and online consulting services, providing a convenient platform for information acquisition and communication.


IV. Technical Support from Chongling Technology

作为本次官网开发的主要技术提供方,创灵科技凭借其强大的技术实力和丰富的项目经验,采用了(php≥7.0,<8.0) 前端规范:html+css+jQuery ;为诚落量身定制了一套符合企业需求和行业特点的数字化营销解决方案。从需求分析、方案设计、技术实施到后期维护,创灵科技都提供了全方位的技术支持和服务保障。

As the main technical provider for the development of this official website, Chongling Technology, with its strong technical strength and rich project experience, has adopted (php≥7.0, <8.0) front-end specifications: html+css+jQuery. It has tailored a set of digital marketing solutions that meet the needs and characteristics of the enterprise and the industry for Chengluo. From demand analysis, scheme design, technical implementation to post-maintenance, Chongling Technology has provided comprehensive technical support and service guarantees.


V. Significance of the Launch of the Official Website


The successful launch of Chengluo's official website not only enhances the company's brand image and market competitiveness, but also lays a solid foundation for the company's future development. At the same time, the launch of the official website also signifies that Chengluo has taken an important step in digital marketing, which will bring more business opportunities and challenges to the enterprise.


VI. Looking Forward


With the continuous deepening and development of digital marketing, Chengluo will continue to adhere to the service concept of "honesty, trustworthiness, and implementation" and continuously improve its professional ability and service level. At the same time, Chengluo will also actively explore new digital marketing models and means to provide customers with more comprehensive, professional, and efficient brand marketing planning services. It is believed that with the continuous support and help of Chongling Technology, Chengluo will go further and become stronger on the road of digital marketing.