[Adaptive PC+H5] Network and design company website documentation

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[Adaptive PC+H5] Network and design company website documentation

1、 Website Overview

The website template for this network and design company is an adaptive PC+H5 website that provides online marketing services. This website is developed using the PbootCMS kernel and is suitable for network companies and other enterprises. It also supports use in other industries by simply changing the text and images. This website template is very suitable for SEO optimization and online marketing use!

2、 Website features

1. Manual writing of DIV+CSS, code simplification without redundancy.

2. Adaptive structure, global advanced technology, and high-end visual experience.

3. SEO framework layout, columns, and article pages can be independently set with titles/keywords/descriptions.

4. Comes with test data, installation tutorials, introductory tutorials, security and backup tutorials.

5. Directly modifying contact information, fax, email, address, etc. in the background makes modification more convenient.

6. Suitable for internet, design, and online marketing companies, the overall color tone of the website is black, highlighting the high-end atmosphere of the website.

3、 Configuration requirements

Language program: PHP (PHP ≥ 7.0, < 8.0) Front end specification: HTML+CSS+jQuery;

Device support: PC+mobile;

Program running environment: Linux+nginx/Linux+Apache/Windows+iis (supports PHP 5.3+)/Other environments that support PHP 5.3+;

4、 Backend information

Backend: Domain name/admin. php Account: admin Password: admin

五、 Development company

Shaanxi (Xi'an) Chuangling Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in website development, with rich experience in developing driving school websites, case studies, and driver's license training websites. Our team is professional and experienced, able to provide personalized solutions based on customer needs and characteristics. We have thousands of successful cases covering various fields and industries. If you have any needs or questions about website development, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you. Welcome to visit us for consultation and learn more about our APP development, software development, mini program development, and website construction information and cases.

To view specific front-end demonstrations, please contact customer service