【 Mini Program 】 Real estate agency, property listing, and appointment viewing mini program

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【 Mini Program 】 Overview of Real Estate Intermediary, Listing Publishing, and Booking and Viewing Mini Program System

1、 System Overview

This real estate agency, property publishing, and appointment viewing mini program is a native WeChat mini program developed based on ThinkPHP+FastAdmin, providing real estate agencies with services such as property management, publishing, reporting customers, tracking customers, and marketing promotion to attract customers.

2、 Supporting ports

This system only supports WeChat mini program end

3、 Does it support secondary development

The real estate agency viewing mini program supports secondary development.

4、 System Name

Real estate agency, property listing, and appointment viewing mini program

5、 Function Overview

1. Multi city display: supports users to display different housing listings based on different regions.

2. New property section: supports displaying a list of new properties, including unit types, property parameters, recommended commissions, and other information.

3. Second hand housing section: supports displaying the second-hand housing section, which can be published by landlords and brokers.

4. Rental housing section: Supports displaying rental housing sections, which can be published by landlords and brokers.

5. Booking for viewing: Support users to make one click appointments for new properties, second-hand houses, and rental properties.

6. Property reporting: Support users to report their viewing customer information to the platform and provide corresponding progress processing.

7. Property Collection: Support users to collect property information and view it in the member center.

8. Poster sharing: Support users to recommend mini programs in the form of posters.

9. Invite friends: Support users to develop friends through posters.

10. Property Q&A: Support users to submit property Q&A to the platform.

11. Landlord registration: Support landlords to register and publish information about their second-hand or rental properties.

12. Brokers and Distribution: Support brokers to post information on second-hand and outgoing properties, and have the ability to earn commissions and distribution through transactions with customers.

6、 Development company

  The company has a professional technical team that can provide personalized solutions to customers based on their needs and characteristics. Whether it's enterprise displays, e-commerce platforms, social entertainment, knowledge payment software, blockchain systems, or other types of applications, Chuangling Technology can create excellent products for customers.. The company adheres to the concept of "innovation, agility, and efficiency", continuously explores new technologies, improves service quality, and creates more value for customers.

If you need to develop mini programs, apps, or websites, please contact Chuangling Technology, and we will provide you with professional services and support.

7、 Important precautions

Protecting personal privacy and information security is crucial, please strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations.

For any system usage issues or questions, it is recommended to contact our technical support team for assistance.

The specific functions are subject to the demonstration. If you need to view the demonstration, please contact customer service;