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Website Overview


This advertising planning and brand design website template is a tailored solution specifically designed for advertising agencies, brand design firms, and other related businesses. The website boasts exquisite display effects on the PC end and perfect support for H5 mobile access, providing users with an ultimate browsing experience. Utilizing advanced development technology and design concepts, it aims to assist advertising planning companies in better showcasing their strengths, attracting potential customers, and enhancing brand influence.


Supported Platforms

  1. PC端:网站模板在PC端呈现专业、大气的设计风格,支持高清图片和丰富的内容展示,让用户在浏览过程中充分感受到广告策划公司的专业实力和创新精神。
  2. H5端:网站模板支持H5自适应,用户在移动端设备上也能获得流畅、便捷的浏览体验。无论是手机、平板还是其他移动设备,都能轻松访问并浏览网站内容。

PC: The website template presents a professional and elegant design style on the PC end, supporting high-definition images and rich content display. This allows users to fully appreciate the professional capabilities and innovative spirit of the advertising planning company during the browsing process.

H5: The website template supports H5 adaptability, ensuring users can enjoy a smooth and convenient browsing experience on mobile devices. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices, users can easily access and browse the website content.


Website Features

  1. 独特设计风格:网站模板采用独特的设计风格,结合广告策划行业的特点,打造出具有辨识度的品牌形象。
  2. 响应式布局:采用响应式布局技术,确保网站在不同设备上都能呈现出较好的效果。
  3. 用户体验优化:注重用户体验,提供简洁明了的导航和搜索功能,让用户能够轻松找到所需信息。
  4. SEO优化:网站模板内置SEO优化功能,支持自定义标题、关键词和描述等元素,帮助提升网站在搜索引擎中的排名。
  5. 丰富的案例展示:提供多种形式的案例展示模块,让广告策划公司能够充分展示自身的作品和成果。
  6. 强大的后台管理系统:提供强大的后台管理系统,支持用户自定义网站内容、样式和功能,满足个性化需求。

Unique Design Style: The website template adopts a unique design style, combining the characteristics of the advertising planning industry to create a recognizable brand image.

Responsive Layout: Utilizing responsive layout technology, the website ensures optimal display on different devices.

Optimized User Experience: Emphasizing user experience, it provides concise and clear navigation and search functions, enabling users to easily find the information they need.

SEO Optimization: The website template incorporates SEO optimization features, supporting custom titles, keywords, and descriptions, helping to improve the website's ranking in search engines.

Extensive Case Display: It offers various case display modules, allowing advertising planning companies to fully showcase their works and achievements.

Powerful Backend Management System: A robust backend management system supports user customization of website content, styling, and functions to meet individual needs.


Configuration Requirements

  1.  前端规范:html+css+jQuery;

  2.  设备支持:PC 端+手机端;

  3. 语言程序:PHP + SQLite ;

  4.  程序运行环境:linux+nginx/ linux+apache / windows + iis(支持 php5.3+) / 其他支持 php5.3+环境 ;

  • Front-end Specification: html+css+jQuery
  • Device Support: PC + Mobile
  • Programming Language: PHP + SQLite
  • Program Operating Environment: linux+nginx / linux+apache / windows + iis (supporting php5.3+) / other php5.3+ environments


Backend Information

  1. 后台:域名/admin.php 账号:admin 密码:admin 

  2. 为了保证演示数据的完整性和正常运行,演示站不开放后台测试,效果与演示站相同。如果你还有其他问题,请随时向我提问。

  3. 注意:该在甜品糕点美食网站搭建部署后,请第一时间修改后台登录密码。

Backend: Domain/admin.php
Account: admin
Password: admin

To maintain the integrity and normal operation of demo data, the backend of the demo site is not open for testing, and the effects are the same as the demo site. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me.

Note: After deploying the website, please modify the backend login password immediately.


Development Company


Chuangling Technology is a technology company specializing in website development, brand design, and other related fields. With extensive development experience and a professional technical team, we are capable of providing customized solutions and exceptional services to our clients. If you have any needs or questions regarding advertising planning company brand design websites, please feel free to contact us, and we will be delighted to serve you.