(APP+H5+Mini Program) Same-city Delivery, Community Group-buying Mall System

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[APP+H5+Mini Program] Same-city Delivery and Community Group-buying Mall System Overview



I. System Introduction


Our same-city delivery and community group-buying mall system is a comprehensive solution based on the Fastadmin backend management system and Uniapp client (supporting APP, H5, and Mini Programs). This system is tailored for the fresh fruit and vegetable community group-buying business, assisting you in rapidly establishing a community group-buying platform to introduce your products to thousands of communities. Through the combination of online group-buying and offline self-pickup, we aim to lead a new model of community consumption, providing professional and high-quality community group-buying solutions.


II. Supported Platforms


This system supports APP, H5, and Mini Program platforms, meeting users' needs in different scenarios. Whether you are browsing products and placing orders on your mobile phone or managing your store and analyzing data on your computer, you can enjoy a smooth and convenient experience.


III. Customization and Secondary Development


Our system supports secondary development and can be customized according to your specific needs. Whether you want to add new functional modules or optimize existing ones, we can provide professional technical support and solutions.


IV. System Names


Community Group-buying APP, Fresh Food Delivery APP


V. Function Overview

  1. 用户端功能:
    • 选择自提点:用户可以根据自己的位置或喜好选择最近的自提点进行商品自提。
    • 商品下单:支持在线浏览商品详情、选择规格数量、加入购物车并下单购买。
    • 申请团长:鼓励用户申请成为团长,享受团长分销、提现等福利。
    • 优惠券、满减、满额折扣等营销活动:系统支持多种营销活动,提升用户购买欲望和购物体验。
  2. 团长端功能:
    • 团长分销:团长可以通过分享商品链接或二维码邀请好友购买,享受分销佣金。
    • 提现功能:团长可以将分销佣金提现至指定账户,操作简便快捷。
  3. 商家端功能:
    • 自定义店铺装修:商家可以根据自己的品牌形象和风格进行店铺装修,提升店铺形象。
    • 订单管理:实时查看订单详情、处理退换货请求等。
    • 商品管理:添加、编辑、删除商品信息,设置价格、库存等。
    • 营销活动管理:创建、编辑、删除优惠券、满减、满额折扣等营销活动。
  4. 配送管理:
    • 对接快递公司:系统支持对接京东、菜鸟等主流快递公司,实现快速、准确的配送服务。
    • 配送员管理:实时查看配送员位置、订单配送状态等。

User Functions:

  • Self-pickup Point Selection: Users can select the nearest self-pickup point based on their location or preference.
  • Product Ordering: Support online browsing of product details, selecting specifications and quantities, adding to the cart, and placing orders.
  • Apply to Become a Group Leader: Encourage users to apply to become group leaders and enjoy benefits such as distribution commissions and cash withdrawals.
  • Marketing Activities: The system supports various marketing activities such as coupons, discounts for meeting a certain purchase amount, and full price discounts, enhancing users' buying desire and shopping experience.

Group Leader Functions:

  • Distribution Commission: Group leaders can invite friends to purchase by sharing product links or QR codes and enjoy distribution commissions.
  • Withdrawal Function: Group leaders can withdraw their distribution commissions to a designated account with simple and quick operations.

Merchant Functions:

  • Custom Store Decoration: Merchants can decorate their stores based on their brand image and style to enhance their store image.
  • Order Management: View order details in real-time, process return and exchange requests, etc.
  • Product Management: Add, edit, and delete product information, set prices, inventory, etc.
  • Marketing Activity Management: Create, edit, and delete marketing activities such as coupons, discounts for meeting a certain purchase amount, and full price discounts.

Delivery Management:

  • Courier Company Integration: The system supports integration with major courier companies such as JD Logistics and Cainiao to provide fast and accurate delivery services.
  • Delivery Staff Management: Real-time tracking of delivery staff locations and order delivery status.


VI. Development Company


Shaanxi (Xi'an) Chuangling Technology is a professional software development company committed to providing customers with high-quality software development and customization services. With rich development experience and technical capabilities, we can build a professional and stable same-city delivery and community group-buying mall system for you. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us at any time.


Note: The specific functions are subject to the demonstration. If you want to view the demonstration, please contact our customer service.